Hi, I updated to 10.8 from 10.3 and when I opened "invoice pro" all accounts and invoices are disappeared. Are they lost? I have a backup of my computer before update to 10.8 where can I found the invoice pro files? — Asked by demdesignz

Since under 10.8 is a sandboxed app, the files need to be placed in the Cointainers/……/invoice-pro folder.

I have invoice-pro but have 2 computers and need to put my info and invoices that I have on one on the other. I can't find the folders where it saves everything so that I can copy it and put it on the other computer. I have Mountain Lion on both computers. I looked for the folders listed on other posts and those are not on my computers. Can you please help. — Asked by baucom86

Just replicate your invoice path:

/Users/~/Library/Containers/it.bloop.invoicepro/Data/Library/Application Support/InvoicePro/*.*

I have invoice pro on my macbook pro and brought the computer in to the mac store where they wiped my hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. When everything came back I had the invoice pro app, but none of the invoices that were on the app. Is there a way to retrieve them. — Asked by Anonymous

/Users/~/Library/Containers/it.bloop.invoicepro/Data/Library/Application Support/InvoicePro

I'm backing up everything and reformatting my Macbook Pro. I'm running Lion - what file/files do I need to copy so that I can copy them on again after the reformat to make sure I have all the right sequenced invoices and numbers? — Asked by Anonymous

/Users/gsimonicca/Library/Containers/it.bloop.invoicepro/Data/Library/Application Support/InvoicePro

posso usarlo sul ipad 3? — Asked by Anonymous

No yet, is only for Mac.

I need invoice,estimate,statement info. Are these included with this software? — Asked by Anonymous

yes you can do this kind of documents

the AppStore page says that version 3.07 has fixed errors in the reports but I dont see any information about reports here... does the app have have any reports? How can I know how many products I sold? — Asked by Anonymous

Here a picture of the reports page hope that helps.

is there compatable ap for iPad and iPhone ?thanks guy murray — Asked by Anonymous

No yet, we are working on an iPhone and iPad App.